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Acquisition profile

Usage types

Usage types


  • Cross Dock

  • warehouse real estate

  • distribution real estate

Light Industrial

Industrial parks

Green- and Brownfield

Risk class

Risk class

  • Core

  • CorePlus

  • Value Add

  • Opportunistic



All above BBB

(see map view)

Investment volume

Investment volume

  • Individual properties: from € 3 Mio. 

  • Portfolios: from € 35 Mio.

Transaction structure

Transaction structure

Asset or share deal

Other features

Other features

  • Single and multitenant

  • Vacant or short- to long-term WALT / WAULT

  • Intensive CapEx measures possible


AAA excellent

AA very good

A good

BBB slightly above average

BB average

B slightly below average

CCC moderate

CC poor

C very poor

Source: Own illustration, based on IndustrialPort GmbH & Co. KG

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